Saturday, May 22, 2010

~ The interesting flying method of migratory birds ~

When birds are migrated one place to another, they are using an interesting formation to conserving energy and increase longevity of their flying time. They are using “v” formation when flying. Using this formation they can easily communicate with each other, every bird can have an unobstructed field of vision, allowing group members to see each other. Isn’t it a very interesting? Yes, it is.
A group of scientists found that the heartbeat were too low when birds are flying in a “v” formation which conserve their energy. Also this aerodynamic V shape reduces the air resistance and allowing the birds to cover the longer distance. Using this V shape a group of birds can fly 70% more advance than fly when single. We can not watch it but scientists are watching that after a certain time the head of the V position is changed with another bird. This is an interesting matter of team work. In this way they can reduce their tiredness when flying to a long distance. By doing this each birds can have opportunity to take responsibility. This proves that how team work plays an important role in nature that teaches us to be followed in our daily life.
This method is applying with a group of flying aircrafts. Using “v” formation each pilot can watch each other so it is easier to communicate and help all of them.

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